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The ring is the protagonist at the centre of the Premiere contest

OROAREZZO, the event dedicated to the Italian goldsmithing industry organized by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), this year anticipates and changes its date, from April 6th to 9th at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, to facilitate the attendance of the buyers coming from targeted markets for the Italian goldsmith district, while keeping unaltered its distinctive elements and features.

The expectations are growing for the PREMIERE Contest, the competition that sheds lights on the novelties, new design and fashion trends of the season. The most awaited appointment of the 4 days in Arezzo.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the event, the contest - through Beppe Angiolini, Honorary President of the National Chamber of Fashion Buyers and Art Director of OROAREZZO and Gold/Italy - chose the ring as the theme of this year’s edition: the most loved jewel, which is probably the oldest and most solemn, full of symbolic meanings and style. Timeless jewel and style icon, which is constantly reinvented to express the personality of the wearer.

In competition, therefore, new jewels that go beyond fashion, that alternate the richness of the details and the minimalist simplicity of the forms, with the strength of the symbolic contents that have always been attributed to the ring.

For every new year’s edition of the contest, the exhibitors are asked to create a piece of jewelry that expresses the utmost creativity in line with the company's style, a creation inspired by traditional forms reinterpreted in unconventional ways, while allowing maximum freedom in the choice of materials and craftsmanship.

As per tradition, these creations will be judged by a selected jury, made up of operators and experts coming from the jewelry, fashion, press and communication industries, all chaired by Beppe Angiolini.

The selected pieces will be displayed, during the entire period of the fair, through a dedicated installation which has been specifically designed and made for the occasion, and that will be placed in the central corridor of the fair, allowing all visitors to admire them.