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IIJS Premier 2023 to be organised in Dual venues:
JIO World Convention Centre & NESCO

Jio World Convention centre to house Loose Diamonds,
Lab Grown Diamonds as well as Studded & Couture Jewellery

GJEPC announced today that it will be hosting the IIJS Premiere 2023 in Two different venues in Mumbai city. The show will run simultaneously held in NESCO Grounds Goregaon Mumbai as well as JIO World Convention centre Bandra Mumbai. The Show will be organized from the 3rd to 7th of August in the Jio Centre and from 4th to 8th August 2023 in the NESCO Exhibition Centre. Members of Bharat Diamond Bourse would become most beneficial to Exhibit their respective products as the JIO World Convention centre which is just adjacent to JIO World Centre would be dedicated to Loose Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds as well as Studded and Couture Jewellery. The inauguration at JIO World Centre would be on the 3rd another inauguration at the NESCO Grounds Mumbai would be organized on the 4th of August 2023.

On quizzed about dual venues for the year 2023, Mr Nirav Bhansali, convener, National Exhibitions opined, “By organizing the exhibition in dual venues, the IIJS Premier has become larger and is moving closer to becoming one of the Top three exhibitions that is organized across the world. Two venues also give opportunities to more categories to participate such as loose diamonds, lab grown diamonds, technology etc. Two venues will also help visitors and buyers understand the format of the exhibition and we are in the process of developing an APP that will be a ready reckoner for the visitors and Buyers. We will also have shuttle buses plying between both the shows” International Buyers from various economies would be invited and selectively hosted for the IIJS Premier exhibition. With larger number of exhibitors, excellent logistic facility as well as Improvised infrastructure and food area, the IIJS premiere 2023 is indeed destined to exceed Exhibitor and Buyer expectations. For the IIJS Premier too GJEPC has initiated a ‘Tree Plantation Support” drive committing to plant around 100000 trees. The GJEPC authorities have also seeked support from all members and beyond to make this initiative a success.