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IEG – Italian Exhibition Group -
GOLD/ITALY: voices from the companies

In Arezzo from 20th the 22nd October 2018, the gold and jewellery industry's first
business workshop organized by Italian Exhibition Group

The new format of GOLD/ITALY, the autumn gold/jewellery Show in Arezzo organized by IEG – Italian Exhibition Group – from 20th the 22nd October, is receiving subscriptions from numerous sector players.

Cristina Squarcialupi, Vice President of UNOAERRE is convinced of the validity of the event's new format: "The new format based on a web agenda shared among customers and suppliers is undoubtedly a necessary and appreciated technological addition for a sector that is generally old-style. We hope that all the operators make virtuous use of it, especially the new customers coming from less traditional markets.

Foreign markets represent the essential and instrumental flywheel for generating the volumes that our gold districts need: the only way to improve our production and industrial processes is through competitive confrontation. On the other hand," Squarcialupi concludes, "we can see that the internal market, which should be the solid base for a profitable and farsighted internationalization, is still stagnant."

Administrator and Managing Director of RICHLINE ITALY SRL, Fedora Artuso's view is just as positive: "Internationalization is extremely important for an Italian manufacturing company. New cultural trends have led to a considerable reduction in the demand for gold jewellery on the local market, therefore turning to foreign markets has been an important alternative for years. Made In Italy is still highly valuable. It is an extra that we Italians must take advantage of. Beautiful and Well Done, the art of the great historical artists is all around us and influences us from an early age. We transmit it in our products and this is much appreciated. However, the complexity and investment that a company has to directly make into foreign markets, should not be underestimated."

"Gold Italy," Artuso continues, "is certainly a tool that can help a company to promote its own product, the place where supply and demand can meet and where any company has the chance to be seen, to contact and introduce itself, even to the most improbable buyers.

Moreover, as of this edition, this new web meeting tool will also be available. A modern and avant-garde way of seeing who is at the show and to put oneself forward. The format seems to be extremely valid and greatly oriented to making sure that appointments are already fixed in agenda when the show starts."

The new GOLD/ITALY 2018 format that will be flanking the successful traditional one, now at its sixth edition, will focus on digitalization and is providing the sector with an on-line platform in which companies will be able to select buyers from the organizations that, in terms of type, target and dimension, most suit their own distribution needs.

By accessing the platform, each company can fix up to 12 appointments in order introduce themselves, exchange preliminary information and preview the contents of meetings so as to arrive at the trade show with a pre-arranged list of encounters, thus managing to optimize their time and organize the right staff at the stand.

Buyers will have similar advantages by being able, in these pre-show weeks, to identify the producers that are most in line with their clientele, arrange useful meetings and plan for the coming Christmas season, which is the most important moment of the year for them.

The proposal's considerable innovative impulse will nevertheless be accompanied by the traditional consolidated model of the event in the Arezzo Exhibition Centre which, as usual, confirms its role as a much-awaited and qualified moment for the entire sector.

And, as tradition requires, the city will be providing exhibitors and traders with a warm welcome at a Gold-Night bursting with open boutiques and events in Arezzo's historical centre.


Arezzo Fiere e Congressi Srl, the company whose stakeholders include the Tuscany Region, Arezzo Chamber of Commerce, Arezzo Council and Province, is presided over by Andrea Boldi. For 40 years the company has been organizing the OROAREZZO Show - now managed by IEG as part of the IEG Jewellery Agenda - which gathers together exhibitors from all the Italian gold-silver districts. The congress facility has a Congress Centre Auditorium with seating for 950 and was designed by the GMP Studio in Hamburg. The company has organized cultural initiatives and workshops in prestigious locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Chile and Argentina.


Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), with structures in Rimini and Vicenza, is leader in Italy for organized trade fairs and among the main European operators in the exhibition and congress sector. IEG Group specializes in organizing events in five categories: Food & Beverage; Jewellery & Fashion; Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle; Wellness and Leisure; Green & Technology. In recent years, IEG has embarked on an important path of expansion abroad, also through the establishing of joint ventures with local operators (for example in the USA, United Arab Emirates and in China). IEG closed the 2017 financial reports with total consolidated revenues of 130.7 million euro, an EBITDA of 23.2 million and a consolidated net profit of 9.2 million. In 2017, IEG, in the exhibition and congress venues of Rimini and Vicenza, totaled 50 organized or hosted events and 206 congress events. https://en.iegexpo.it/