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Mozambican Minister meets Thai gem delegation at Jewelry Trade Center

Ernesto Max Elias Tonela, Mozambique's Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, visited Thailand to meet the directors of the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) at the Jewelry Trade Center.

Prida Tiasuwan, the 1st vice president of the TGJTA, Henry Ho, president of the Jewelry Trade Center, and the TGJTA board of directors, welcomed the Mozambican delegation on July 19 and held the meeting to develop cooperation between the Mozambican and Thai gemstone industries.

The future development of the Kimberley process was discussed during the meeting to see how Mozambique could help bring further transparency and traceability in the system.

The Mozambican delegation also discussed investment opportunities and regulations for buyers of gems in the country.

Both parties expressed the importance of exchanging knowledge and introducing vocational training in the gem-cutting and jewelry-making industry.

The meeting concluded with an agreement to follow up on the discussions in the coming months.

The Mozambican delegation share ideas about looking for Thai businesses willing to invest in Mozambique.

Henry Ho, the President of the Jewelry Trade Center, gifts a token of appreciation to H.E. Ernesto Max Elias Tonela, MIREME.

H.E. Ernesto Max Elias Tonela, the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy of the Republic of Mozambique, discusses possible plans to develop projects between Thailand and Mozambique.