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AIGS Lab launches App to verify its gemstone reports

The AIGS Lab has launched an App that can verify AIGS gemstone reports, creating additional protection for customers.

The app can verify the following AIGS reports: AIGS Master Gemstone Report (MGR and MGRS), AIGS Full Report, AIGS Diamond Report, AIGS Master Jade Report (MJR), and AIGS Brief Report.

Customers who download the App may scan their report in order to verify that it is genuine.

Third-party QR code scanners can no longer verify AIGS reports.

“This new App is necessary in order to protect our customers,” said AIGS Chairman Kennedy Ho. “This is the most secure way to verify our reports from now on. I urge our customers to download the App for free on their smartphones, so that they can be absolutely certain that their report is genuine.”

The App is available now free on App Store & Google Play.

The AIGS Lab, which is based in the Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok, serves the gem and jewelry industry and the public with a comprehensive range of gemstone and jewelry analysis reports, including rubies, sapphires and emeralds.