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GSI to host a Series of Educational Events
Branko Deljanin to conduct Gemological Workshop

Branko Deljanin is President and Head Gemologist at CGLGRS, Swiss Canadian gemlab Inc., and Director of Gemmological Research Industries Inc., Vancouver (Canada). He is a research gemmologist with extensive experience in advanced testing of diamonds and gems. A graduate of the University of Belgrade in Geology, Deljanin earned his Graduate Gemologist diploma at GIA in 1995 and worked for three years at the GIA Gem Identification department on coloured diamonds, coloured stones and pearls in New York under the direction of Bob Crowningshield and Tom Moses. In 1998, Deljanin was appointed Director of Gem Identification and Research for the EGL USA Group. From 2002 to 2009 he was building business with 10 people to over $1,300.000 mil in annual revenue during that time.

Branko is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and served as an instructor for their FGA and DGA Programs from 2000 to 2005. Since 1999 when he detected first coloured HPHT enhanced diamonds on the market, he has spent a Director in charge of a new EGL Canadian Division and he helped grow the new great deal of time studying HPHT treatments of natural diamonds and ID of synthetic diamonds (HPHT and CVD), and natural pink diamonds. He is internationally recognized as a diamond authority. He first issued Grading Certificates for Synthetic Diamond (Russian) in New York in 2000, and created terminology “Laboratory Created” and “Laboratory Grown” that other major labs (GIA, IGI) followed 6 years afterwards. In 2001 he earned his Advanced Gemology Diploma (DUG) from the University of Nantes in France, on the subject “Identification of HPHT treated diamonds”. Branko has conducted onsite research on gems and coloured diamonds in Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil and Australia, and has managed many research projects on diamonds and gems in partnership with labs, producers and universities worldwide.