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International Gemological Institute to Teach Client Care for Heirloom Quality Jewelry

WHO: The International Gemological Institute (IGI), the global leader for jewelry assessment, is bringing two renowned experts to lead a session for jewelry specialists covering the care and maintenance of their most precious pieces, heirlooms. John Pollard has led workshops in locations around the world and is excited to share knowledge from his over 20 years’ experience. Mark Reyes, an alum of IGI, has been with the Institute for 30 years. He studied fashion design in New York City at FIT and is highly skilled at CAD. He and John will bring a refined and unique lens as hosts of the webinar.

WHAT: IGI recognizes the financial and emotional investments of jewelry pieces and understands the importance of proper care. Specialists will have the opportunity to learn about how to engage with their clients and educate them on what appropriate care looks like for their precious items.

Join this June 3 webinar to hear directly from these two industry leaders about how to educate clients on jewelry preservation.

Why: Because unkempt jewelry is at risk of becoming damaged or ruined, IGI wants to ensure clients have access to the information they need to care for their gems. The Institute will leave participants with three key takeaways:

1. “Caretaking” is even more important than the 4Cs
2. Encourage clients to develop a daily routine
3. IGI offers services that will instill confidence in clients

When: June 3, 2021 at 2:00 p.m ET.

Where: Zoom Meeting Registration at this link
JA Webinar link

MEDIA Melanie Flowers

CONTACT: French/West/Vaughan