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International Diamond Laboratories (IDL)

Because Consumer Confidence Matters

International Diamond Laboratories provides the diamond trade and retailers with quality reports of polished diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

At International Diamond Laboratories, objectivity is not just a statement, it is the result of scientifically based standards. Consistency and reliability is our commitment to diamond & jewelry professionals and the public we serve worldwide.

All instruments, methodologies and safety regulations within the lab are designed to ensure that every detail of your precious stone or jewel is unveiled and recorded.

Each item is examined by a team of qualified gemologists and experienced graders. They obey to a strict code of conduct and are backed by groundbreaking knowledge of gemology and up to date technics of testing and identification.

The services of the lab include:

  • loose diamonds grading report both in full size or in compact

  • loose color stones identification report in full size or credit card

  • Jewelry reports in luxury format, compact or credit card

beside these products IDL is able to provide consultations and any type of assistance for professionals or simply consumers.

IDL is a strong reality in terms of gemological identification of Color stones. Today the market of color stones needs strong abilities to identify all the different materials, the treatments, imitations, synthetics. On top of this there is a continuous request from customers regarding the geographic origin of some of the most valuable gems such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

In this IDL has built a superb reputation being now the most accurate and reliable source of Color stones Identification Reports in Dubai. In the present market a serious gem report can make the difference between selling the stone or not. Customers need to purchase gems with confidence and IDL is providing the necessary expertise to do that. The gemologists in IDL have deeply specialized in color stones testing and classification techniques thru a vast experience acquired in many years of work in this field. Its not only about studying books to become an expert but also visiting the mining areas, attending the biggest gem shows around the world, meeting regularly the dealers and discussing with them all the latest news in color stones business.Every day there is a new treatment applied to gems to improve their appearance or a new material in the market and the only way to protect the customers from frauds is to be continuously updated and ready to identify any aspect of the color stones.

IDL is working very strongly in this direction and it seems the efforts are paying off as the Color Stones Identification Reports are more and more requested to the lab from the major wholesalers or retailers. All this is also available for mounted color stones. Most of the times IDL is able to test and identify gems without removing the stone from the setting and issue a Jewelry Report.