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Shoppers in today's world are bombarded with information. They see an endless stream of promotions and promises flowing through social and traditional marketing channels, all competing for attention. But successful selling isn't about who shouts the loudest. The key to winning sales in a noisy marketplace is demonstrating trust and authenticity which cause you to stand out from the crowd.


The most effective builder of trust is subject matter expertise. The ability to confidently and factually discuss products and answer every client question, wherever the conversation goes, will transform you from a seller into a teacher.

Think about that -

Most people find sellers annoying but respect and appreciate teachers. By transforming yourself from seller to teacher you can rise above the crowd, win business, secure repeat and referral sales, and advance your professional career.

Local opportunity -

If you're near Dubai you're fortunate enough to have access to one of the world's leading educational destinations for industry professionals. The International Gemological Institute boasts the gem and jewelry industry's most diverse professional curriculum. One of 12 worldwide locations, the IGI School of Gemology in Dubai offers year round courses ranging from rough and polished diamonds to colored stones to professional jewelry design.

Just imagine -

In a short time you can be your company's go-to expert in the identification of synthetics, simulants and treatments. You'll bring unique knowledge about rough diamond sourcing, sorting, planning and cutting. You can engage and fascinate clients with detailed explanations about analysis and grading of color, clarity, proportions and finish. You will convey complete confidence with perfectly reasoned conclusions for your appraisal valuations. This transformation from seller to teacher can open many doors, leading to quickly realized benefits and even career advancement.

Positive energy -

IGI courses are designed to provide more than great information. They apply and explore subjects in a way that motivates and energizes students, bringing confidence to your floor and increasing your closing ratio. When it comes to taking charge of your future, increasing your sales and improving your career the best time to start is now. Here is a look at this year's remaining courses.

Polished Diamond Grading - Starting 26-Aug or 11-Nov

This 10 day course covers modern identification techniques needed to differentiate between real diamonds and the various imitations found in the market. Students learn to judge color, clarity, proportions and finish of polished diamonds, and to appraise values using current international pricing lists.

Rough Diamond Grading - Starting 28-Oct

IGI is the first to offer practical rough diamond grading courses. This 8 day class gives full knowledge on sorting by color, size, shape and weight, as well as cleaving and sawing. It includes analysis of crystallography and how to identify natural diamonds versus synthetics, simulants and treatments.

Colored Stone Identification - Starting 9-Sep

This 10 day course teaches you to identify colored gemstones with sharp insight. It includes simple and accurate techniques to proclaim species and variety of gemstones, use of various equipment and how to differentiate natural stones from those which have been treated or are synthetic.

Professional Jewelry Design - Starting 30-Sep

Prepare for 20 days of intense practical and dynamic training in a field with unparalleled creativity and excitement. Step by step, students are shown how to create unique designs and apply them to challenging diamond and gemstone projects. You will learn to use modern manufacturing techniques to tap into your passion and creative skills, bringing your designs to life.

Information is power

The path to enlightenment begins with a single step. Don't wait. Improve your confidence, closing ratio and career by taking that first step today.