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Make 'The Greatest Threat' Your 'Greatest Opportunity'

We believe the greatest threat of a clear and present danger to the precious jewels industry is not limited to laboratory-grown diamonds. In today's modern age, consumer research, transparency and trust-necessity extend to every aspect of assessment and resultant disclosure.

Responsibility as a retailer

The final responsibility and accountability for accurate disclosure is with the retailer and extends to every item offered, no matter where or how it was acquired. The diamonds purchased from consumers, the jewels offered on consignment, the gemstones a broker assures are untreated, if any link in the acquisition chain is faulty it's the retailer who is liable in the end.

A significant blind spot

The average retail jeweler is not equipped to decisively identify a synthetic, laboratory-grown diamond, should it come to their possession and yet the said jeweler is liable for damages where a diamond sold to a consumer is later discovered to be synthetic (or treated) without the jeweler's knowledge at the time of sale.

Lookup on these acronyms!

AML. ACAMS. KYC. lookup any of those terms followed by the word 'diamond,' there is a rising tide of scrutiny related to jewelry business dealings as international compliance networks work to recognize,thwart and expose money laundering crimes. The recent proliferation of laboratory-grown diamonds which can easily be confused with natural diamonds has created new potential for fraud and criminality in jewelry transactions resulting in greater scrutiny and auditing of jewelers and documentation of items being sold as recently seen in the UAE with its recent amendments to laws on certification and hallmarking.

Trust but verify

Responsible jewelers know their suppliers and their source credentials. The best businesses are built on foundations of trust but mistakes can occur and the risks have become significant enough that historical trust must be backstopped with verification. Noncertification is no longer an option. Valid independent appraisal has become a necessity and may soon become a legal requisite in many countries as seen by the recent amendments to the UAE Federal Law # 11 decree

The IGI advantage

With a global presence of 23 laboratories across 10 countries, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) stands tall as 'The Global Authority of Gem Grading'. From simple verification of natural origin to fully detailed reports covering loose diamonds, gemstones and finished jewelry pieces, IGI is uniquely capable of fulfilling every need as the laboratory partner of choice. The IGI endorsement brings confidence to your retail transactions, trust to your B2B dealings and proof of veracity for your business records.

Local opportunity for education

IGI is also the foremost advocate for consumer education and a leading educational destination for industry professionals. IGI Dubai campus is one of the 12 global locations for the IGI School of Gemology which offers year-round courses in Rough and polished diamonds, colored stones, professional jewelry design in hand and CAD output. In a short time you can gain expertise in the identification of synthetics, simulants, treatments, bring unique knowledge about rough diamond sourcing ,sorting ,planning and manufacturing to engage and fascinate clients with insights about the secrets and treasures of gems conveying complete confidence with perfectly reasoned conclusions for your appraisal valuations.

The greatest solution

A partnership with IGI brings total confidence to your business. IGI's complete product portfolio for the diamond and jewelry industry touches every aspect of certification in the supply chain with decades of experience and expertise.

With IGI on your side "The Greatest Threat" can be turned into the "Greatest Opportunity". Sell diamonds, gemstones and jewelry with absolute integrity and confidence to your valuable clients. Get the IGI Advantage.

For more information please do get in touch with our team at:

International Gemological Institute [IGI]

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Dubai, U.A.E.

T: + 971 4 450 8027

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E: dubai@igi.org

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