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GSI Hosts A Series Of Seminars In
Dubai With International Experts

The Gemological Science International [GSI] invited Andie Weinman, CEO, and Founder of the Continental Buying Group [USA] and Preferred Jewelers International to Dubai as the first of several seminars it will host in Dubai. Ms. Weinman explained to the group the success of Preferred Jewelers International in the US and abroad and how she planned to introduce it to the Gulf Region and its vast benefits specifically pertaining to the large tourism in Dubai and the Gulf Region as a whole. As a major international organization, GSI believes that’s its part of our mission to create networking and educational events that benefit its customers and the industry. GSI plans to host a seminar on new developments in synthetics and treatments in November. In this exclusive interview, key speaker Ms. Andie Weinman along with Debbie Azar and Mark Gershburg talks on the changing landscape of the diamond industry and the future of GSI’s services in Dubai and the GCC region.Excerpts:

TNJ Bureau: Tell us about the “Preferred Jewelers Network” from the US as a model for other economies such as the Far East or the Middle East. How will it work?

Andie Weinman: Yes, I think the model will definitely work. We just need to define the model keeping in mind the various needs and requirements of the respective economies. We need to give the customer an assurance that with the association it will only build the trust factor that is the most important in the trade today.

TNJ Bureau: Tell us more about the “Preferred Jewelers Network” for the Retailers?

Andie Weinman: “Preferred Jewelers Network” is for the retailers that helps every retailers customers’ to come back to his store. Feed back letters, reminder about the warranty and many other factors concerning the consumers to go back to the store again is the sole motive of the body. The Preferred Retailer is always there for the consumer as well as the retailer. For eg: If a student or a tourist wants to buy a piece of jewellery, he / she knows that when they go home they can be rest assured that the “Preferred Jewelers Network” as a body is there to take care to remind them of all the other service factors that will immensely benefit them to keep their piece of jewellery always sparkling.

TNJ Bureau: What is the idea for inviting Andie here in Dubai and addressing the trade. Do you think Informative sessions such as these will add value to the trade?

Debbie Azar: As an International organisation we believe that it is our responsibility to invite Industry experts to speak on various subjects and this has indeed proven to be immensely beneficial to the trade whether in the US or any other jewellery economies world wide. The reason to have invited Andie is to present the importance of “Preferred Jewelers Network” and its success in the US and ow beneficial it would be for the retailers of the gulf region.

TNJ Bureau: What is your focus on the gulf markets especially Dubai and what are your future plans keeping in mind the growing Dubai jewellery sector?

Debbie Azar: We always feel Dubai is not only a gateway to the Middle east, but also the Europe and far east. And yes, Dubai is definitely growing and we only want to expand our services and help companies responsibly to grow and expand their trade.

TNJ Bureau: What about the other events that have been planned by GSI for the trade. Tell us something about it?

Debbie Azar: Yes, we have planned another event during this October and we are bringing in experts who are going to talk about the lab grown or synthetic Diamonds, different kinds of equipments, processes used to grow Synthetic Diamonds and we also intend to educate the trade through thses important educational seminars.

TNJ Bureau: Do you also intend to offer services concerning Melee screening services in Dubai and GCC region.

Debbie Azar: We are offering Melee screening services already in Dubai right now and we do intend to work with the various important bodies and associations in Dubai that we do feel would benefit the trade in the long run.

TNJ Bureau: Do you have any specific plan of action addressing the retailers in Dubai and the GCC concerning GSI services?

Debbie Azar: Yes, we do feel the need to personally work the retailers as well as the manufacturers with their brands and processes. We also believe that by this we will be able to understand the trade and their requirements better and thus will also be able to tailor make services according to their respective requirements.

TNJ Bureau: What is your take on Rough business in Dubai since you are already offering services concerning Rough in Botswana and elsewhere?

Mark Gershburg: We do not look at this point of time the rough business in Dubai and we do not intend to carry out our services concerning rough and wish to focus on the polished business and jewellery as of now.

TNJ Bureau: Tell us something about your plan to open office in Hong Kong?

Mark Gershburg: Yes, we will be shortly opening our office in Hong Kong as well. As you know Hong Kong is a similar set up like Dubai, a large trading centre and a gateway to the Far East. We do feel a big potential in Hong Kong and this will only help us become a true global service provider. That’s the idea behind opening an office in Hong Kong.