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Valuables Transports

A matter of discretion

Swiss WorldCargo, SWISS's airfreight division, is the partner of choice for all those industries that need to transport particularly valuable goods. Areas such as the luxury goods sector and the art world particularly appreciate such valuables transport services for the special arrangements they can guarantee. There are always valuable items to ship to and from trade shows, or art works between museums; and they all need to be transported swiftly and above all safely and securely all over the globe.

When it comes to meeting the needs of such a demanding customer segment, there is no room for compromise in terms of the security provisions, the professionalism and the speed of service required. And with its SWISS Valuables product, Swiss WorldCargo offers a tailored service that provides the optimum in logistics solutions for these special shipment needs – a solution which is so attractive, in fact, that Swiss WorldCargo is one of the preferred carriers when it comes to the shipment of highvalue goods.

In addition to the short Zurich transfer times, SWISS Valuables offers a host of further advantages, such as ensuring that all consignments are handled only by specially trained personnel, and that all shipments are transported in sealed boxes. At Zurich Airport it's only the armoured vehicles which disappear every now and then into a specially secured channel that offer any clue to the existence of this niche business. So apart from watches and jewellery, what else is transported in this way? "It could be anything, really, that's of particular value," explains Milo Gerisch, Swiss WorldCargo's Senior Manager Vertical Industry Precious Commodities, Banking and Luxury Goods. "Gold, precious gems, money, confidential documents or works of art. The key point is that their transport entails a certain number of special precautions and specific procedures which all have to be paid due regard to, in close consultation with the customer. This careful preparation is crucial to the whole process, which is why it's always our paramount priority with shipments of this kind. Ultimately, transporting valuables is a real teamwork affair – not least with Cargologic, our long-standing and tried-and-trusted handling agent at Zurich Airport."

About Swiss WorldCargo
Swiss WorldCargo is the air freight division of Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS). Headquartered at Zurich airport, Swiss World Cargo offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions for transporting any type of cargo including high-value and care-intensive consignments to some 130 destinations in over 84 countries. Its extensive network of air cargo services is supplemented by daily truck connections between key business centers. As a reliable and innovative service provider within the Lufthansa Group, Swiss WorldCargo is committed to consistently delivering 'SWISS quality' to its air freight customers.