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GSI Expands Polki Diamonds Testing Services To Reach Clients Worldwide

Mr. Mark Gershburg
Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the world’s leading Gemological organizations, announced that it has extended its’ testing services for Polki Diamonds (Uncut Diamonds) in finished Polki diamond jewelry sets to India, Hong Kong, New York and Dubai. This service is offered to retailers and manufacturers and also to end-customers who have finished polki jewelry sets. This is latest in a series of services that GSI offers to the jewelry trade to address the concerns of quality grading and authenticity of Polki diamonds.

The most common treatment for polki is fracture filling. Diamond experts typically employ standard examination procedures to identify fracture filling in loose Polki diamonds. For instance, the use of gem microscope would be sufficient to detect gas bubbles, or, the typical flash effect in the filler. GSI identifies treatments in polki diamonds and also test the diamonds using its own proprietary grading system.

“It is important to have, grading or identification done from a legitimate gemological laboratory - when purchasing polki jewelry because some polki stones could be treated. At GSI, we strive to excel in terms of gem identification, grading, and security. Our experienced gemologists have come up with unparalleled methods in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and safety. This has enabled us to keep our prices affordable while providing world-class quality product. “said, Mark Gershburg, CEO, GSI and added Polki Jewelry authentication report issued by GSI provides identification and testing analysis to enable the customer to buy a piece of jewelry with confidence. We maintain the highest standards in jewelry certification. The authenticity of these reports can be verified by scanning the QR Code and sending it to us online. We maintain records of all reports issued from us.”