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iTraceiT: Helping the diamond and jewelry industry become more
transparent with a new traceability solution

iTraceiT, a new and independent technology and service provider, will soon launch a robust and user-friendly traceability solution for the diamond and jewelry Industry.

Growing demand for ethically sourced diamonds is driving the industry to improve its transparency and traceability. Various applications have been developed in search of a sustainable solution, each of them focusing on a specific selection of products or certain stages of the pipeline.

Finally, iTraceiT offers an industry-wide, independent tool for total authentication of diamonds of all sizes, user-friendly and totally secure. Prior to its global launch later this year, iTraceiT is working with pioneering partners on pilot projects.

Newly appointed CEO, Frederik Degryse, notes: “We are excited to finally share our traceability solution with partners in our industry that are at the forefront of business transparency and sustainability. Our main goal has always been to build a tool that is both robust and secure but also flexible and workable. We believe that we now have a solution that the entire industry can get behind, a system that connects all stages of the pipeline in a united effort to make the end consumer feel confident and good about their purchase.”

Total transparency in the luxury industry

A large portion of consumers no longer want to wear an attractive luxury item that carries the risk of questionable sourcing. iTraceiT has developed a technology that is compatible to all businesses and traces every step of the production process, reaffirming to customers that their precious purchase is a safe and reliable investment.

But it’s not just about knowing the origin of each component; this new cloud-based and blockchain powered software reassures both serious retailers and concerned consumers that all intermediaries uphold the same standards. With transparency comes credibility and, in turn, loyalty.

Technology that ensures authenticity

A rough diamond does not become a polished gem overnight. iTraceiT creates a unique QR code that records, stores, and displays all processes performed on any gemstone, from mine to finger, to keep and maintain track of every action taken. Any type of data can be easily attached to this digital QR in addition to the information collected by default, including geolocation, device, date and time or other attachments. Custom data fields can even be defined and integrated.

Transparency drives efficiency

Why stop there? iTraceiT’s technology is not only proving its undisputed value in the demanding diamond industry. These collaborative tools can just as easily be integrated into the supply chains of other businesses to ensure thorough management and oversight of production processes and even services.

Perfect, user-friendly security

Business data is just as valuable and deserves the same attention as the item it is connected to. iTraceiT takes every possible measure to protect a company’s valuable information without compromising the user-friendliness of the tools and the mobile application.

Each client has its own database, and all data linked to a QR code is encrypted. A personal access code protects the back office, allowing only authorized personnel to access. iTraceiT can also be integrated into existing systems. Secure data for reassured customers.

“This is the decade of trust and transparency.” RJC Executive Director Iris Van der Veken states. “It is all about consumer confidence. I applaud iTraceiT for their leadership and commitment to sustainability. The time is now to integrate sustainability at the core of your business strategy. Initiatives like these are critical to drive positive impact forward.”