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Angola to Cut & Polish 20% of Rough Produce

Aims to set up at least 26 Diamond cutting &
polishing factories before end of year

H.E.Dr. Diamantino Pedro Azevedo,
Minister of Mineral Resources, Petroleum & Gas Govt. of Angola
TNJ Bureau:

Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Mr Diamantino Azevedo announced in high profile meeting that Angola will indigenously cut and polish close to 20% of Rough Diamonds mined in the country. This, according to him would make Angola self reliant and help generate employment and revenue that would be Beneficial for the growth of the economy. A plan to expand cutting factories in the country and in turn attract serious investors into Angola was largely welcomed in a meeting with mining operators in Dundo, Eastern Lunda Norte province.

In the last 4 years 3 polishing factories are operational in the country and the Angolan Ministry will be expanding the same by bringing in investing companies to 26 Diamond cutting and polishing units. Leading Diamond cut & polish companies from all across the world and leading Diamond centres such as India, Israel, etc are closely looking at investing in Angola that has stood the test of time with the new regime giving an absolute safe, sustainable and business friendly environment to expand and grow.

With the launch of the Angola Diamond Hub and the Angolan Diamond Exchange in Saurimo Lunda Sul in the anvil, the Angolan government is leaving no stones unturned to make the Diamond country one of the most important Diamond destination in the world.