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Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair a Resounding Success

The 61 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair was a resounding success as it draws international visitors and exhibitors to showcase the strength of Thailand's gems and jewelry industry to the world.

Organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the 61 edition of Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair attracted visitors from 113 countries over five days with top five visiting nations from India, Myanmar, China, USA and Russia respectively.


The success of the 61 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair is a step on the way towards the industry achieving the Thai Government's aim of making Thailand "the World's Gems and Jewelry Production and Trading Hub."

853 exhibitors participated at 61 BGJF, occupying 2,003 booths. Although the majority of these were from Thailand, others came from around the globe, including countries as diverse as Hong Kong, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Singapore, India, South Korea, Israel, Indonesia and Canada. A total of USD 63 million in trade value was generated, a 2.5% increase from the previous edition, comprising of USD 19 million in immediate sales and USD 44 million's worth of orders in one year.


Held under the theme "Heritage & Craftsmanship" the 61 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair highlighted Thailand's cultural heritage, promoting the exquisite craftsmanship of Thai artisans.

The show brought added recognition to the skills and creativity of Thailand's designers. Chanthaburi province is known as "the bustling City of Gems" among international traders, but 61 BGJF went beyond manufacturing to highlight the creativity of the country's designers, through a series of initiatives at the show.


To align with the government's "Thailand 4.0" and "Creative Economy" initiatives, DITP instigated a series of special zones.

New Faces

featured jewelry products from 120 SMEs from across the country, who prior to the 60 edition of Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair had never participated in the show.

Innovation and Design Zone (IDZ)

showcased innovative products from start-ups as well as jewelry that utilizes new techniques.

Niche Showcase

featured the latest trends in jewelry for niche mark ets. Specifically, this focused on five main product groups:

The Jewellers

exhibition featured 23 brands from designers who have participated in the Designers' Room and Talent Thai projects with jewelry-making demonstrations and jewelry-making technical workshops.


In 2017, the gems and jewelry industry was ranked third in terms of exports in Thailand after automotives and computers. Exports totalled nearly USD13 billion and represented 5.4 per cent of the kingdom's total exports, and when excluding unwrought gold, the industry saw an increase of 2.25% compared to 2016 which was the first rise in three years.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Sontirat Sontijirawong, Minister of Commerce, stated that, "The outlook for gems and jewelry exports in 2018 is positive as the trading partners of Thailand are recovering from stagnant growth."

The 61 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair held a series seminars and workshops by domestic and international experts on a range of topics from raw materials and jewelry trends, to marketing and gem certification. On the second day of the show, the Export Clinic 2018 was held, where directors of overseas Thai Trade Centers gave advice to companies and SMEs on how to penetrate foreign markets.

Fashion Show

In keeping with the central theme of "Heritage & Craftsmanship", the 61 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair opened with a stunning fashion show, entitled "The Siamese Ambassador," highlighting the heritage of Thailand's fashion industry. It paid homage to King Narai's visit to the court of King Louis XIV at Versailles in 1686, the first time tha t the e xquisiteness of Thai fashion and jewelry was revealed to the world.

The show demonstrated that the richness of Thailand's jewelry designers has not waned since those times, as the models displayed jewelry created by several of the designers featuring at the 61 Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair.