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Leading Jewellery Designers of the Gulf

Creating Jewellery with a Perfect Amalgamation of Tradition & Modernity

Designer Jewellery from the Arabian sands exhibit historical significance with its aesthetic qualities. Every Arabian jewellery piece has a story to say, a story of evolution, of progress and of adorning the beauty of a woman. Ancient jewellery makers and skilled artisans have been successful in crafting exquisite jewellery so meticulously, that modern day archaeologists working on ancient find are perplexed on the talent and skill that they possessed. Mankind has evolved through time and has become richer with the advent of technology & Machine tools resulting in fine jewellery making and mass production. But in all this, the Tradition & Culture influenced jewellery of the Arab world has maintained its charm and ethnicity. Even today a number of jewellers and jewellery makers take inspiration and sell designer jewellery which demands a premium price. The United Arab Emirates especially Dubai, the biggest consumer market for jewellery in the entire GCC region has over time, tested and researched the growth in demand concerning Designer jewellery and the exquisiteness that it oozes in all the pieces that is intricately manufactured by talented jewellery designer's of the region.

Jewellery designers of the Arab and the Middle Eastern region have earned global reputation when it comes to "Designer Jewellery from the Arab world". Influenced by the amalgamation of tradition and culture of the region each designer piece has its own perceived value, value that is second to none. Hence the jewellery designers of the Gulf region not only are successful in expanding their respective work beyond the Middle Eastern region, but also are the most sought after when it comes to the high net worth individuals in the region buying a jewellery piece. Jewellery designers' creations are not only holistic but grandeur in its own sense. Every design that is created is time taken and intrinsic in its look and feel. Using the best of quality related to precious metals and stones the jewellery designers go up to the mines to source the best quality. This in itself talks about the interest and the involvement of the said designers to give the best to the customers.

Reputed Universities in the gulf region especially the UAE offer specialised training to budding young jewellery designers and make them ready for becoming ambassadors to not only create exquisite jewellery, but aso upkeep the rich tradition and culture through their jewellery creations. Zayed University in Abu Dhabi is an excellent example of a high class institution for students wishing to pursue higher studies in jewellery designing. The University not only teaches the students to create exquisite art, but also imparts values of the Arab world that is rich in its culture. No wonder the students of the University bag the best of awards in reputed jewellery design competitions.

In this RAMADAN special issue, the New Jeweller UAE has compiled a fist of its kind report featuring TOP CLASS jewellery designers from the Arab and Middle Eastern world to bring to you their life and creations. This report is sure to make you spell bound looking at their creativity translated into exclusive jewellery designs that truly is envious. Feast on it. Here's wishing you a Happy Ramadan and all the very best of business for the year.