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Maha Al Sibai gets honoured by UNARTS in Cairo

United Nations organization for arts [UNARTS] is a gathering for artists and innovators all over the world . UNARTS is a humanitarian message that calls for international peace and a harmonic coexistence to create a way for people all over the globe to connect through artists in order to present arts message. Reuniting arts family all over the world to create a unified entity in order to achieve what other couldn't, preserve the value of each and every artist as well as their intellectual and innovative rights, and also enabling them to actively participate in the uprising of all arts, in order to give arts back its value as humanitarian language and a beacon that propagates supreme values and principles.

Renowned middle eastern jewellery designer and artist Ms.Maha Al Sibai was recently invited to Egypt and was honored one of the FORUMS of UNARTS that was organised in the month of April in the capital and historic city of Cairo.

Maha Al Sibai received an excellency award from the UNART United Nations Art Organisation, as one of the international and Honored Guests during the forum as an appreciation to her constant commitment and support towards the artists and heritage preservation around the world. Through her exclusive jewellery creations, exemplary art and design works and her social activities Maha has always tried her best towards ensuring she upkeeps the tradition, values and heritage of the middle eastern region and has always been appreciated world over for her works and for her support to the Society.

About Maha Al Sibai’s ‘Female of Light’ Collection:

Renowned jewellery designer Maha Al Sibai has become a prominent name among this era's most famous and important jewellery designers all across the globe. Maha Al Sibai has been able to bring about innovative, unprecedented changes in the jewellery design industry and in doing so has significantly aided its progress beyond traditional methods in jewellery design and manufacture. Her jewellery does not merely impact us with its aesthetic appeal, it also harbours a distinct and endearing story behind each distinguished design.

Maha Al-Sibai is a pioneering Vanguard in jewellery design and making; her prestige was bolstered further after launching her latest collection entitled 'Female of Light' that was inspired by the work of Dr. Najat Makki, the most well-known and influential fine artist in the UAE and across the Middle East. In her 'Female of Light' series, Maha employs the latest techniques in jewellery crafting. Her sense of colour combines with her carefully selected precious stones to reflect the entire spectrum of roles playes by women in society, om being, dreamer, to the traditional, liberak, weak and strong and so many more besides.

In 'Female of Light', Maha mainly used the enamel and its associated techniques. Enamel has always been distinguished throughout with Faberge. Maha sought to revive this technique through her latest collection. She also used mother of pearl, diamond and other precious stones containing multi-coloured gold. The debut of Female Of Light's was a big hit that yielded ripples of shockwaves in both the jewellery world and the fine art society at large. Among the attendees of this Fine Art & Jewellery Design hybrid event were influential people such as the UAE's Minister of Education, Mrs.Noura Al Kaabi in addition to famous and important fine artists, writers, poets, musicians and TV drama stars from within the Middle East.

Maha explains that her latest collection, 'Female of Light', is a step forward in the expressive language of love and other heart-based sentiments and, in general, embodies a new perspective in appreciating art. It is neither strictly traditional nor cutting-edge. Maha regards her jewellery as art, first and foremost, and not as a business.

Maha is due to launch a new collection soon in collaboration with Lazurde, the fourth largest jewellery and gold manufacturer in the world. This collection is undoubtedly set to mark a turning point for Maha al Sibai Jewellery and Lazurde in terms of craftsmanship and jewellery art.