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OROAREZZO: the theme of the 2018 PREMIERE
contest is the bracelet.

OROAREZZO, the Italian jewellery Show organized by IEG, Italian Exhibition Group, has defined the theme of the 2018 PREMIERE contest, the competition that spotlights the season's latest ideas, designs and fashions trends; the most eagerly awaited event of the 4 Arezzo days which this year has reached its 28th edition.

The theme is the bracelet, unquestionably the item of jewellery most appreciated by women and the jewel with which the companies' design offices will be putting themselves to the test in order to represent "love" through the preciousness and beauty of its shapes and materials. In fact, the title of this edition is "The power of Love".

Slave bracelets, bands, chains, double or triple elements that cover the arm, jewellery full of contradictions, just like the moment we are experiencing.

Faced with a fashion without rules, almost as if trying to "dress wrongly", the participants are required to present an item that interprets the so-called new "fashion anarchy" trend.

Metals and seductive avant-garde materials with their lightness and chromatic contrasts, used in an increasingly more liberal and innovative manner, are just one part of the universe of possibilities at the artists' disposal.

In particular, a special thought this year will be directed at iron.

The strength of iron, the brute force of Vulcan, "the blacksmith of the Gods", that becomes refined and current if combined with gold.

Iron has always been present in jewellery. The Egyptians included it in their precious items and it can also be found in Etruscan and classic jewellery right up through the Victorian age to the work of contemporary artists.

Starting from this observation of the history of jewellery, the contest will therefore award new items that go beyond fashion, those that best interpret the hardness and simplicity of iron and the nobility and elegance of gold and become one with the personality of the person wearing them.

The Jury that will be examining and assessing the creations will be headed by Beppe Angiolini, Art Director of OROAREZZO and Honorary President of the National Chamber of Fashion Buyers. The panel will comprise experts from the fashion, jewellery, press and communication sectors.

The items selected will be on display throughout the Show in a special, purpose-built installation located in the central aisle of the Exhibition Centre for every visitor to admire.

Italian Exhibition Group Spa is a new events company officially founded on 1st November 2016. The group -which is presided over by Lorenzo Cagnoni, with Matteo Marzotto as executive vice president and Corrado Facco as managing director – closed 2017 with a consolidated turnover of 130.7 million Euros, a EBITDA of 23.2 million and a consolidated net profit of 9.1 million. It is currently Italy's largest trade show organizer with 59 products in its portfolio (including the Food & Beverage, Green, Technology, Entertainment, Tourism, Transport, Wellness, Jewellery and Fashion, Lifestyle & Innovation sectors). It also holds first place in terms of gross operating revenue and boasts a total 280 events and congresses. The Group's priority is to promote the internationalisation of these sectors and help them fly the flag for beautiful and well-made products around the world. The group already has a solid base in the international market, with a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates, notable presence in USA, China, India and South America. IEG is also the leading Italian company in the conference and congress sector. In 2017, IEG attracted a total of 15.649 exhibitors and 2.648.675 visitors, at its Rimini and Vicenza-based exhibition and congress facilities. www.iegexpo.it

Arezzo Fiere e Congressi Srl, the company that includes holdings by the Tuscany Regional Authority, Arezzo Chamber of Commerce, Arezzo Municipality and Province, credit institutions and over 300 gold and jewellery companies with a capital of Euro 40.8 million, is presided over by Andrea Boldi. For 39 years, Arezzo Fiere has been organizing the Oroarezzo trade show - now managed by IEG as part of the IEG Jewellery Agenda - which, in 2017, recorded about 650 exhibitors from all the Italian gold and silver districts. The congress facility has a Congress Auditorium with seating space for 950 people designed by the GMP Studio in Hamburg. The company has also organized cultural initiatives and workshops in top class locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Chile and Argentina.