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successfully held in Dubai
Diamond Cut & Polish Manufacturing Companies pledge support

A first of its kind "Saurimo Diamond Hub Investment Forum" held in Dubai on the 22nd of February to present to potential diamond manufacturing companies the business opportunities in the Saurimo Diamond Hub, Angola attracted Diamond Manufacturers from across the globe in large numbers. H.E.Dr.Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, minister of Mineral resources Petroleum and Gas addressed the high profile gathering of Diamond Manufacturers who attended the forum to know about the potential of 'Saurimo Diamond Hub' and the opportunity that lies in the Angolan Diamond economy. During the keynote address Dr Diamantino stressed on the advantages to potential investors from the Diamond Manufacturing community that can be derived by setting up cut and polish factory in Angola. He also spoke about the trade friendly policies, tax subsidies, and guaranteed raw material to manufacturing units set up saurimo diamond hub unleashed by the government. HE Joao Laurenco had opened Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] in the diamond manufacturing sector last year and since then the 'Saurimo Diamond Hub' has been a keen interest and a priority agenda for a number of large diamond manufacturers especially from India, Antwerp and Israel, the three important diamond centers. Dr.Eugenio Bravo Da Rosa, Chairman / CEO Sodiam EP presented the Saurimo Diamond Hub to the Diamond community and clearly laid out the roadmap for potential investors on the advantages for growing their respective business. He also spoke on the taxation and trade policies for Foreign Investors.

The Forum saw deliberations on tax subsidies, VAT, allocation of diamonds, employment opportunities and other important subjects. The Forum saw over a 100 Diamond manufacturing heads descend in the city of Dubai to get a first hand knowledge of the opportunities that lie in doing business in Angola. Dr Diamantino over a Question & Answer session answered various questions put forth by the investing community and explained how the Diamond related policies initiated by the government revolves around stability, sustainability and growth and is inclusive to both the government as well as investors.

Apart from the Industry heads, the Forum saw the presence of HE Dr Ernesto Muangala, Governor, Lunda North province, HE Dr Everson Kaputu, Dy Governor Lunda Sul, Maria Van Dunam from the Embassy of Angola in UAE, Mr Yoram Dwash, President World Federation of Diamond Bourses, Mr Moshe Salem, Vice President, World Federation of Diamond Bourses, and many other important dignitaries.