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Integrating Transparency and Technology to offer
World class Precious Metals Products & Services

World-class precious metals refinery, SAM Precious Metals is also referred to as SPM and the company is managed by a team of more than 200 years of collective professional experience. The Company's vision is to fill the gaps existent in the precious metals industry by offering state-of-the-art refining services and related products such as bars, coins, chemicals, and other value-added services. Providing top quality products and services is the cornerstone of the mission of SAM Precious Metals. Accreditations that SAM Precious Metals has received include product quality, management system, operations, environmental policy, and health and safety policy. The company complies with statutory regulations pertaining to human rights, environmental protection, and business ethics in order to build a responsible supply chain in the Middle East and in other areas of operation.

SAM Precious Metals' operations are periodically audited by third parties as per the RJC Code of Practices and International Standard for Responsible Business Practices for the precious metals industry and DMCC rules for "risk based due diligence in the gold and precious metals supply chain". SAM Precious Metals believes in offering services while meeting the highest ethical and moral standards in accordance with Responsible Sourcing, AML & CFT. The company also feels it a responsibility to increase consumer confidence and faith in responsible sourcing of precious metals and their value. SAM Precious Metals relies heavily on consumer feedback and sales reports to further develop their respective products and services.

SAM Precious Metals' motto is "To consider each customer as their business partner". Over the next 10 years, the company plans to establish 13 new refineries, hallmark centers, minting houses for fine gold & silver, and value-added products to satisfy the growing customer needs. Due to Covid-19 restrictions that are implemented on travel, the Company is expecting that the project plans will be extend to 13-15 years.

Currently, SAM Precious Metals has three operational refineries, one in Dubai for gold and silver, Sharjah for silver, and Egypt for gold & silver. SAM Precious Metals' Egypt branch is a representation of the first successful joint venture with well-known local gold traders in the region. It is also the first International refinery to venture into the lucrative Egyptian gold refinery industry. In addition, it also creates the opportunity to work with government agencies in the mining sector. During COVID-19 lockdown and the difficulty in transportation between the different United Arab Emirates branches (Dubai-Sharjah), the board of directors and partners decided to take the necessary improvement actions to move past these problems. So an agreement was reached with the Dubai Development Authority for SAM Precious Metals, Dubai, to expand the size of the refinery to approximately triple the original size of both the Dubai and Sharjah branches combined which is estimated to be about 65,000 sq feet, with a long-term contract of 10 years that would allow for improvements on the new site and additional lines of production. The company is expected to open up this new facility by the end of 2022 allowing them to finally merge both refineries into one.

In recent years, Gold has once again become increasingly attractive as a safe-haven asset for individuals and companies worldwide. The future of precious metals is very bright and if the current geopolitical trend continues, SAM Precious Metals expects steady growth in the source and consumption of precious metals, especially Gold. The company strongly believes that 'Precious Metals' hold great promise as the commodity of the future and looks forward to becoming the first choice for Precious Metals Refining services. Sam Precious Metals is committed to providing the highest quality services and best products to support every customers' business requirements.

To become the customer's first preference by offering premium services that meet international standards and to supply them the best quality value-added products.

• Providing a superior value proposition for our customers.
• Operating in accordance with industry's 'Best Practices' to produce the highest-quality products responsibly.
• Providing premium services at an affordable price while following all statutory rules, regulations, and market practice guidelines.
• Increasing our competitiveness in the international market by offering value-added products.
• Connecting gold & silver-producing and consuming economies within the next 10 years by establishing 13 branches of refineries, hallmark centers, minting houses for fine gold & silver, value-added products worldwide and through important joint ventures with related countries.