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Angola will participate, between 5 and 8 February 2024, in Cape Town,
South Africa, in the International Mining Indaba Conference.

This is the largest African investment event in the mining sector, which celebrates its 30th edition in 2024, under the motto: "Embracing the power of positive disruption: a bold new future for African mining".

The Angolan delegation will be led by the Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, and will include representatives from MIREMPET, the National Mineral Resources Agency, the Geological Institute of Angola and companies in the diamond subsector Endiama-EP, Sodiam-EP , Endiama Mining, Catoca, Luele, AJ Silva, Chitotolo, Furi and Kaixepa, as well as companies in the non-diamond subsector such as Geosondas, HM Granitos, Minbos and Shining Star.

The concept of Angola's participation in Mining Indaba 2024 is similar to that of previous editions and is based on the constitution of a single ministerial delegation from the mining sector and an exhibition in two stands: "Angola's mining potential", which brings together institutions from the Ministry and several companies in the non-diamond subsector, and "The Potential of the Angolan Diamond", which includes diamond companies.

During the three days of the conference, the delegation will promote the country's mining potential, present business opportunities to attract and capture foreign investment to boost projects, transmit the Angolan experience, identify and establish partnerships in the field of mining and service provision, as well as participating in several work sessions, in order to gather knowledge and experiences about innovations and sustainable practices applicable in the national mining industry.