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The United Nations [UN] SDG Advocates issue Statement

Following up with the recently held COP28 meet in Dubai, UAE, the United Nations SDG Advocates issued a statement outlining important steps needed for a path that will achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and deliver climate justice.


  • “We are way behind with only 15% of the [SDG] targets on track. This alarm rings louder here at COP28 when we address our failure to secure life on our planet and in halting the crises that affects half of humanity.”
  • “Unfortunately, the reality is that we, the people of this complex world, do not all have the same technological or financial capacities to face such impacts and rebuild our lives, livelihoods and economies after they have been impacted by extreme weather phenomena. We must resist the false assumption that all countries and people’s experiences are the same – and should respond to -- climate change in the same way.”
  • “We called on the negotiators here in Dubai to address the fundamental drivers of the social, environmental and economic injustices that aggravate the climate emergency, and perpetuate the cycle of inequalities between peoples and nations.”
  • “We began this COP by operationalizing the global fund on loss and damage, with pledges of over $700 million to provide the most vulnerable with the resources they need to respond to the worst impacts of climate change. That’s a start, but there is much more to do in a world where climate damages are now several hundred billion dollars each year.”
  • “We must come together to build an international financial architecture that is fit for purpose. We call on the major economies, in the G20 and other fora, to help address the SDG financing gap.”
  • “In light of the escalating impact of the climate crisis, the importance of early warning systems is evident. Warning people of upcoming storm, floods or droughts are not a luxury but a much-needed tool to save lives and protect livelihoods.”
  • “Join us in the call for zero emissions, fossil fuels phase out, a global financial system fit for purpose, and climate justice for all. It is time for credible ambition and urgent action!”