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DMIA’s Diamond Verification Instruments Showcase
to kick off on June 1st in New York

The Showcase will run throughout June and July

The Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of America’s (DMIA) first annual Diamond Technology Showcase will kick off in a few days, on June 1st, at the DMIA premises at The World Diamond Tower, 580 5th Avenue in mid-town Manhattan. Interested parties are required to make an appointment via email at appointment@dmia.diamonds, providing the number of participants, their names, company name, email address(es), and telephone number(s).

The DMIA is organizing the Diamond Technology Showcase in collaboration with the ASSURE Program of the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), and the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) offering DMIA members and industry members at large an opportunity to become familiar with and test many of the diamond screening devices available today. From June 1, the Diamond Technology Showcase will run for two months.

“Every responsible dealer of diamonds, regardless of his or her position in the diamond supply pipeline, should have direct access to a reliable diamond screening and testing device to ensure that they are not unwittingly taking in or presenting laboratory-grown diamonds as natural. Therefore, they must acquaint themselves with the available equipment and learn how to operate these devices on a day-to-day basis. Screening equipment must become an integral part of the process of buying and selling diamonds. Today, it is an essential tool, just like a diamond scale,” DMIA President Stuart Samuels noted.

DMIA Vice President and Diamond Integrity Committee (DDIC) chair Matthew Schamroth pointed out that the NDC had created the Assure Program to “support purchasing decisions and provide independent, third-party insight into instrument performance.”

“Integrity and consumer trust is critical to the success of the jewelry industry and I’d like to thank the DMIA for demonstrating their commitment to the ASSURE program. I’d also like to thank the many manufacturers of the diamond screening devices being presented for the role that their participation plays in ensuring trust throughout the industry”, David Kellie, CEO of the Natural Diamond Council, added.

During their visit, diamond manufacturers, traders, and other industry members will have the opportunity to conduct a hands-on session with the equipment, testing their own diamonds and diamond jewelry as well as having contact with the instruments’ manufacturers.

During the two months of the DMIA Showcase, the NDC and the JVC will also host three webinars under the header of “Webinar Thursdays:”

  • How to ensure the integrity of your diamond pipeline (Responsible Jewellery Council – 10 June, 01 July @10am NYC), with John Hall, RJC. Register here.
  • Consumer confidence, diamond terminology, and why it’s vital to verify your diamond supply! (Jewelers Vigilance Committee - 17 June and 8 July @10am NYC), with Tiffany Stevens, JVC. Register here.
  • How to test and choose Diamond Verification Instruments, get to know the ASSURE Program. (Natural Diamond Council - 24 June and 15 July @10am NYC), with Luc Auer and Grant Mobley, NDC. Register here.

“We will keep our members and the industry informed and send them reminders to join these instructive and concise webinars,” Schamroth noted. “It is vital that our members and their industry colleagues keep themselves well informed and become well versed with current, up-to-date knowledge that will enable them to face the often-complex challenges the diamond industry is experiencing”, he concluded.