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Enhance your career in Jewellery sales with GIA’s Applied Jewelry Professional Program

Imagine greeting customers with assurance. Answering questions with poise. Closing sales with confidence. That’s what the Applied Jewelry Professional diploma program can do for you. The five day programme commencing on December 18 consists of three on-campus intensive courses: Diamond Essentials, Coloured Stone Essentials and Jewellery Essentials.

AJP underscores proven sales techniques that enable jewellers to communicate product quality and value confidently to their customers. Participants learn about GIA’s International Diamond Grading System™ including jewellery designs, settings, etc. This programme also introduces basic information about diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires.

Other subjects of study include how modern technology is changing the way diamonds are cut, the qualities of precious metals, major jewellery manufacturing methods, and the important activities involved in the operation of a retail jewellery store. To enable effective product conversations, examples are provided on how to translate jewellery features into benefits and how to communicate the 4Cs of diamond value to customers. This programme provides clear and concise information that can be immediately implemented on the job.

The programme is designed for people who want to start a career in the jewellery industry. The courses give the right amount of product knowledge and sales techniques to answer questions that can arise in a retail situation.

GIA conducts regular courses in major trade centres throughout the Gulf region including Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The Institute’s courses focus on diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, jewellery design, retail and more. GIA’s intake station in Dubai offers grading services for diamonds, coloured stones and pearls to consumers and members of the trade across the Middle East.