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Sarine Technologies Decodes Color & Clarity

New Breakthrough in the Technology sector for the industry

Sarine Technologies' New Groundbreaking Clarity and Color Technology Will Revolutionize the Global Diamond Industry says the company Sarine CEO Mr. Uzi Levami: "Once again, Sarine introduces groundbreaking technological innovation into the global diamond industry — technology that will revolutionize the way the diamond industry and consumers perceive Clarity grading, and transform the polished sourcing and sorting process. With this breakthrough from the Start-Up Nation, we have solved the 4Cs puzzle and more, providing innovative solutions for Clarity, Color, and Cut, as well as light performance and other parameters. Technological standardization translates into greater credibility for the industry and increased trust for the diamond consumer."

Sarine Technologies Ltd., a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of advanced systems for diamond producers, traders and retailers, has developed new, groundbreaking technologies that will revolutionize the global diamond industry — the first-of-its-kind, automated, objective and consistent Clarity and Color measurement and grading systems. The innovative Sarine Clarity™ and Sarine Color™ technologies, which complete Sarine's scientific solutions focusing on the 4Cs and beyond in diamond quality, will serve to enhance confidence both in the individual diamond’s valuation throughout the entire diamond pipeline, and consumer trust at the point of sale. A result of the company's annual R&D expenditures of over $10 million, Sarine's industry-leading technology for grading the Clarity of polished diamonds is currently in advanced large-scale testing in India. With commercialization expected towards the middle of 2017, Sarine Clarity™ will significantly simplify the Clarity grading process, and hence polished diamond sorting and sourcing, much in the same way as Sarine's groundbreaking DiaMension™ family of systems transformed Cut measurement and grading in the global diamond industry. Along the entire diamond pipeline, Sarine technology touches the majority of diamonds worldwide.

Sarine Clarity™ initially provides accurate and objective mapping of the polished diamond's inclusions and flaws ("birthmarks"). It then applies a predefined set of rules and algorithms to determine the appropriate Clarity grade, using generally accepted standardized Clarity grading terminology. Finally, the diamonds are sorted within the assigned Clarity grade into sub-categories according to pre-defined criteria, which enables diamond manufacturers and traders to ensure that each individual stone is optimally valued for its ideal sales market. In parallel to the new Clarity technology, the company has also developed new advanced, automated Sarine Color™ evaluation technology with lab-grade accuracy that is currently being tested in India, with commercialization scheduled for mid-2017. The business model is expected to be similar to the Group’s rough diamond inclusion mapping products (GalaxyTM, etc.). Manufacturers, gemological laboratories, and downstream players will be able to buy the new equipment and pay a recurring fee based on usage per carat, or make use of Sarine service centers. The Clarity technology can handle polished stones from 2 points to 10 carats - the vast majority of stones manufactured annually. This represents a significant improvement on the existing tedious manual evaluation processes, and will even allow for the evaluation of very small high quality stones, such as those preferred by high-end watchmakers. The initial Color system will be limited to polished stones of 20 points and up, but subsequent models will handle a range of stone sizes similar to the Clarity technology.