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Tagit RFID Solutions

Exhibition Orders Mastered

Tagit RFID Solutions RFID technology is revolutionising the world of delegate enquiries and retailer ordering at industry exhibitions. The days of handwritten quotations and purchase orders, manual stock-taking and telephonic requests are long gone with Tagit RFID Solutions Exhibition Module, providing an innovative, suave and instant purchasing order solution.

By automating itemising and ordering systems, the task has become quicker, more accurate and most secure for all jewellery industry stakeholders, especially industry merchants and vendors.

Itan, the internationally renowned pioneer of gold jewellery has taken full advantage of this new opportunity and has been utilising Tagit RFID Solutions innovative Exhibition Module service to set new standards of efficiency within its operations and in increasing its customer satisfaction. Comments Haresh Pahuja, CEO and Chairman, Itan Jewels, “We implemented Tagit’s Exhibition Module which uses TSB (table-top scanners) and THS (handheld) devices for the first time at Vincenzaoro Dubai 2016. Here, we learned the benefits of moving away from the historically manual systems prevalent in the industry that is laborious, time consuming and prone to errors. The software has been customised to be used for our specific product categories, during the customer order-taking process. There is a separate stock-taking solution which we are also utilising to good effect.”

At the exhibitor stand, delegates may choose new items on display for order, wherein Tagit RFID Solutions Exhibition Module immediately scans the RFID of the selected items against the full inventory of Itan products, for optimal quotation management. With a click of a button, you receive a full and comprehensive list of your product enquiries, item specifications, current stock and order options, ensuring your preferred sizes and colours, followed with an instant email confirmation sent to your team. With this Exhibition Module version, customers can rest assured stocks are tracked and ordered in time to be first to market and for full replenishment, meeting with a leaner and more effective model, requiring less resource and safeguarding from likelihood of human error.

Following its launch in Dubai in May, Pahuja explains the rationale for deploying Tagit’s Exhibition Module at IIJS 2016 and the business success that has followed. “For some time, we had been on the look-out to overcome manual and traditional systems which were slowing usdown. As leaders in our industry, one of Itan’s brand pillars is technology improvements. Itan pioneered this Exhibition Module technology at the event with the R&D support of our RFID partners Tagit RFID Solutions, whereby ITAN’s customer interface benefitted over our competitors to capture footfall, enquiries and placement of orders that were executed and confirmed to delighted customers in real–time through an intuitive solution and seamless service provision”.

Hassan Bin Jamil, Sales Director at Tagit RFID Solutions agrees with Pahuja that paying attention to the customer is of the greatest importance at exhibitions. “Time is of the essence for both merchants and retailers looking to maximise on their presence at an industry event. There is a huge cost involved for all concerned in terms of manpower, stand-space and displaying of items. Our aim for our exhibition customers is to capture and secure business opportunities. Our Exhibition Solution has shortened the timelines for discussion, ordering and confirmation leaving merchants and exhibitors to offer greater quality time to their visitors, leaving both parties with greater scope in their planning and supply”.

Tagit RFID Solution’s customisation for clients is a USP it is proud of, supporting through the R&D process, migrating and integrating customers towards smarter working methods and operational efficiency, combined with making continuous investment into improving its after sales and care services.

Pahuja confirms that Tagit’s willingness and service in troubleshooting Itan’s operational concerns by customising and altering its offerings, is its greatest advantage. Pahuja concludes , “TAGIT approaches RFID not just ashardware. Their software works extremely well with their reengineered RFID tags. We were able to completely convert our manual systems to the new platform, replacing paper by almost 95 per cent and able to start the software by hitting the ground running because everything was familiar to our older systems, only better and faster. Problems faced during deployment and exhibition were fixed timely. We also had round-the-clock assistance on site. Now we are looking ahead to increasing our portfolio and using more solutions that TAGIT offer. There are aspects we are using for sales, production and after-sales service. Most importantly, we can now get an accurate understanding of our demand as we are able to analyse data to accurately measure our orders as opposed to previously relying on estimates.”