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Trans Atlantic Gem Sales

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS) is a world leading rough diamond tender and auction house. Through a combination of deep industry experience and an advanced technology-based platform, TAGS provides a transparent, innovative and effective solution for the sale of rough diamonds.

Our aim is to deliver the most effective, efficient and transparent sales and distribution model for rough diamonds. We accomplish this through a specialist team of highly experienced professionals from the rough diamond industry and e-commerce backgrounds, utilising a unique blend of skill in rough diamond sales, diamond handling, systems integration and on-line negotiation expertise. TAGS have developed close professional relationships with the leading buyers and manufactures from around the world. This offers a strong and competitive client base to ensure that the most competitive prices are achieved for our suppliers.

What We Do:

TAGS provide a full spectrum of services revolving around the sale of rough diamonds. Our pre-tender/auction services include sorting, valuation, deep boiling, secure storage, event invitation dispatch and optional branding of goods. Our during-tender/auction services include total event management and execution, which involves managing viewing appointments and live, real-time auction or tender interaction and execution through our online platform. Our post-tender/auction services include invoicing, dispatch/shipping of goods and generating/analysing in-depth sale reports. We offer a complete marketing/sale solution to our producers from the moment the goods are delivered to our offices to the remittance of funds to the producer, and shipment of goods to successful buyers.

TAGS hosts its tenders in Dubai and utilise the Dubai Diamond Exchange facility which has 40 viewing stations/rooms. The facility is within the DMCC, Almas Tower where our own offices are situated.

Our Team

Collectively our staff have around 150 years' experience in the diamond industry. Our company Founder and Director, Mr Anthony Peter, has over 35 years' experience in purchasing, selling, and evaluating a full range of rough diamonds in Africa. Our CEO and Director, Mr. Mike Aggett has more than 40 years' experience, 32 years of which was with De Beers where he became Head of Client Management, with responsibility for De Beers global sales. Mike currently sits on the Board of Directors in the Dubai Diamond Exchange.

Our remaining staff both in Cape Town and Dubai all have several years and extensive experience across the diamond industry in sorting/pricing, IT, finance, and marketing.

Our History:

TAGS has been hosting tenders & auctions in Antwerp, South Africa and Dubai for the past 12 years. In 2017, the company restructured and focussed its primary interests in Dubai and became the first tender house to establish regular events in Dubai.

From our first sale in Dubai of only $3million in 2017, to our current sales in excess of $60 million, TAGS has seen significant growth and prosperity in Dubai and we take pride in being a leading player in establishing Dubai as a global rough diamond trading hub. After 1 year of operations in Dubai, our success encouraged the construction of the Dubai Diamond Exchange's world class tender facility. Several tender houses and related businesses have followed and Dubai has become a leading rough diamond destination.

Our original decision to avoid the established tender centres and to establish regular events in Dubai has proven to be an advantageous move. Dubai's position as a travel hub for globally based businesses combined with its proximity to India, the world's leading manufacturing centre, has provided both TAGS and our suppliers access to the world's leading rough diamond companies. This position was significantly boosted after the introduction of direct flights from Surat and has subsequently been further strengthened by the historical signing of the Abraham Accord in August 2020, opening the opportunity for trade between UAE and Israel.

Our previous experience and reputation within the industry has enabled TAGS to count amongst its customer base all the leading diamond manufactures in all the leading centres and we enjoy a strong professional relationship with them all. TAGS has firmly established its name in the industry and the leading companies incorporate our tenders in their monthly purchasing schedules.

TAGS provide a full spectrum of services revolving around the sale of rough diamonds. Our pre-tender/auction services include sorting, valuation, deep boiling, secure storage, event invitation dispatch and optional branding of goods.

Our Future:

At TAGS, the future looks promising. With various exciting opportunities on the horizon, as well as increasing levels of supply, we intend to continue to build on our trajectory of growth and continue to firmly position ourselves as a leading player in the industry. We are always open to welcoming new suppliers to collaborate with TAGS and experience the benefits and advantages that we have to offer.