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HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification, launched its new ID CARD on the 26th of October 2017 at its HQ in the Antwerp diamond district.

“The ID CARD is a highly affordable, new type of grading report for diamonds that weigh between 0.08 and 0.998cts, explains Michel Janssens, CEO of HRD Antwerp. With this new product, we aim to bring a comprehensive solution to one of the diamond market’s main current challenges: ensuring confidence in small-sized diamonds. Indeed, 99% of the polished diamonds traded annually in the world are below 0.30ct*, but the overwhelming majority of these diamonds are not graded because the cost of grading them cuts too deeply into their profit margin.”

Two versions
The ID CARD is available in two versions, depending on the weight of the stone submitted for grading. The ID CARD is issued for diamonds ranging from 0.08 carats to 0.298 carats, and offers a description of the diamond’s colour, clarity, proportions and fluorescence. The ID CARD PLUS is produced for diamonds ranging from 0.30 carat to 0.998. carat, and offers a description of the diamond’s colour, clarity, proportions, symmetry, polish and fluorescence.

“The distinction between the ID CARD and the ID CARD PLUS is based on the market analysis that the symmetry and polish grades are rarely used for goods below 0.30ct. Rather, the terms ‘good make’ or ‘poor make’ are used. That being said, the ID CARD PLUS is available for diamonds under 0.30 carats upon request”, Mr. Janssens continues.

Grading technology at its finest
To facilitate the speed and efficiency of the grading process, our scientists have developed a number of semi-automated, high-tech devices to execute a select number of grading procedures.

“Extensive testing and trials have proven that these semi-automated procedures are reliable, repeatable, and the results extremely consistent. As a result, HRD Antwerp remains at the cutting edge of diamond grading technology”, states Mr. Janssens.

The maximum security report
To ensure the safety and security of the diamond, each stone graded by HRD Antwerp’s ID CARD Service is delivered to the customer in a uniquely designed credit card-sized holder, made of a very sturdy, tamper-resistant polycarbonate. Its key security features are:

Security arrows: these tiny arrows are strong enough to withstand accidental knocks and scratches. But when the holder is opened, the arrows break instantly, and are impossible to replace or repair. Intact arrows ensure the diamond contained in the holder belongs with the ID CARD. Keys to open your ID CARD will be provided along with the order.

Diamond fingerprint: HRD Antwerp has developed the world’s most advanced diamond photography device. We no longer provide you with drawings that indicate pinpoints, clouds or inclusions. We give you digital access to the most authentic and detailed picture of the diamond instead. Each ID CARD has a unique QR code that belongs to the specific diamond. By scanning the QR Code, you can access to the diamond fingerprint online at My HRD, including all other information regarding the diamond.

Unique laser inscription: Diamonds submitted to ID CARD grading service can be laser inscribed with the Diamond ID number indicated on the ID CARD (unless technically unfeasible).

UV Pattern: The front of the ID CARD contains fluorescent fibres and flags that are only visible with UV light. These security measures are similar to those embedded in currency notes.

Hologram: A security hologram, similar to the hologram HRD Antwerp embeds in its Diamond Grading Reports, is incorporated into the back of the ID CARD.

Other features include custom-made delivery boxes, which can hold 25 ID CARDs for easy transport, and personalization of the ID CARDs with a company logo.

“Our new ID CARDs really are a revolutionary and promising product. With these ID CARDs, we aim to help the industry ensure complete confidence in all diamonds, while taking into account the lower margins achievable on these goods and reducing the cost of grading them”, Mr. Janssens concludes.

Our ID CARDS are available on request at our Diamond & Jewellery labs in Antwerp and Istanbul, and will be available at our Mumbai Diamond & Jewellery lab before year end