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Stargems Group Pioneers Industry Advancement with the Adoption of Sarine’s AutoScan™ Plus System Streamlining the Diamond Journey™ Traceability Program

Setting a New Benchmark in Diamond Transparency and Accountability

Stargems Group, with a distinguished four-decade legacy in the diamond industry, is making history by becoming the first tender house to integrate Sarine Technologies Ltd's AutoScan™ Plus. This system facilitates the high-efficiency registration of large quantities of diamonds into the Diamond Journey™ traceability program. Once registered by Stargems the diamonds can be tracked, incorporating additional measurements during the polishing process, from their rough form all the way to their polished state. This groundbreaking move, initially showcased as a successful pilot program during their December tender, has set a new benchmark for diamond transparency and accountability. Amidst ongoing developments in the diamond market, Stargems Group observed notable traction during their December tender, with nearly 95% goods successfully sold. This positive response reflects the industry's adaptability, and Stargems continues to position itself as an innovative leader in navigating the evolving dynamics of the diamond market.

In collaboration with Sarine Technologies Ltd, globally recognized for precision technology products in the diamond and gem sector, Stargems Group is set to extend the implementation of the revolutionary Sarine AutoScan™ Plus system. Following the successful pilot program in December, this cutting-edge technology was applied to Stargems' rough diamond goods of 1.00 carat and above during their January tender, scheduled from January 10 to January 14.

Sarine AutoScan™ Plus, a highly efficient rough diamond parcels registration system, has been heralded as an industry paradigm shift. Its enhanced affordability, compact design, rapid productivity, and user-friendly operational interface make it a transformative solution. Mr. Shailesh Javeri, Chairman of Stargems Group, expressed his enthusiasm for deploying the AutoScan™ Plus system and Journey™ traceability paradigm. He emphasized their commitment to providing a solution that compliments G7 policies and ESG developments, stating, "Stargems is dedicated to safeguarding the future and the intrinsic value of natural diamonds."

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, applauded Stargems for their pioneering step in adopting the AutoScan™ Plus system. He emphasized that Stargems' integration of the system is a pivotal move in the diamond industry, showcasing their commitment to advanced traceability and underscoring their leadership in meeting the evolving technological needs of the diamond community.